Pensaki© real world API

What's an API?

API is the abbreviation for “application programming interface”. Amon other things, an API specifies how software should interact, i.e. communicate among them. Thanks to an API it is possible that one web service (e.g. a CRM solution) triggers an external web service like the Pensaki web application. Therefore an API is a machine-to-machine interface, rather than an user interface.

Benefits of an API.

From the user point of view the primary advantage of an API is that it removes the need to repeat laborious data entry tasks, hereby saving precious time for other mission critical or strategic activities. The user interacts only with one user interface (e.g. CRM solution) and triggers indirectly also an external service for his task (e.g sending handwritten invitations or letters to VIP contacts.). 

The Pensaki API.

The starting point of Pensaki® was an idea about an API that would combine the digital world (e.g. CRM) with a unique and authentic handwritten experience. With Pensaki sending authentic handwritten notes, invitations and letters can be as simple as setting up an email campaign in a CRM. Enterprise customers can hereby save relevant time and still maximize the impact of their VIP campaigns.


here you find our API documentation