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Please get in touch if you are looking for a tailor-made handwritten direct mail campaign, with at least 500 letters. We can easily write 50.000 postcards for you, because scalability goes hand in hand with quality at Pensaki. All standard Pensaki handwritten letters and notes are completely pre-configured and ready to be mailed. The business case for hand addressed envelopes is very strong. Studies indicate that 99% of consumers open (authentic) hand addressed mail. Printed direct mail is only opened by 20%. A handwritten envelope is personal and indicates value. 

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"The Pensaki service is great, very friendly staff, outstanding quality and order handling with an amazing success!"

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"Excellent as always! Fast processing, great support, easy handling!"

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"The Pensaki campaign was very successful with a response rate of 23% and the online service is great."

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" Pensaki handwritten letters generate 40% lead conversion rate for DIGITAL Oracle Eloqua CAMPAIGN. I like it! "

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    Standing out from the crowd by expressing appreciation with authentic handwritten notes generates substantial business results.  Achieving a 40% lead conversion rate on cold prospecting letters is fairly common with Pensaki. Our customers regularly achieve response rates between 20-40%, as long as they have considered the five key success factors of handwritten direct mail campaigns.

    By combining our online handwritten letter service with relevant online content (e.g. landing pages) you will be able to stand out from the crowd, while your competitors still compensate quality with quantity. Read more about the business results


    PEN: your choice
    Style: 100% tailor-made
    Design: 100% tailor-made
    Format: 100% tailor-made
    Paper: 100% tailor-made
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    Text length: 100% tailor-made
    ADDRESS: your choice
    ENVELOPE: your choice

    With Pensaki you can get handwritten letters, handwritten notes, business thank you notes, different handwriting styles, addressed envelopes, birthday letters, handwritten letter service and hand addressed envelopes.

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To send authentic handwritten letters, compliment cards or postcards has never been easier.  


#1 Click “SEND SINGLE” to send to one person or “CAMPAIGN” if you’d like to send to more than one person.

#2 Type in your desired message & the address details and our team of robots will get to work.

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#4 We will do the rest for you. Your message will then be carefully written with real pens on premium postcards before getting its postage stamp and sent out via to your recipient(s) within 5 business days of placing your order (though usually sooner). Then you can simply relax as your handwritten Pensaki Postcard makes its journey and updates you by email every step of the way!

if you are evaluating a bespoke handwritten direct mail campaign with Pensaki.