Condolence Letter

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Sending a sympathy card or note is very important. Sympathy messages don't need be long, but they welcomed by grieving family members. Letting the family know they're in your thoughts is always better than silence. It's never too late to write it, and it's highly recommended to send it in handwriting, cursive and not via email.

You only need to find a nice card or use your best stationery and write with a pen.

But what if your handwriting is really bad, or if finding that classy stationery is currently impossible? 

Simply use our services! We turn your message into a sublime handwritten sympathy card or letter, package it with care and send it on its way in a handwritten envelope.


Product Details

    PEN: Lamy Fountain pen, blue ink
    Style: SETH Handwriting style
    DESIGN: Elegant and neutral card/envelope
    SIZE: welted sheet of paper (215 mm x 183 mm
    PAPER: Crafted German 110 g/m² paper 
    COLOUR: half-matt white
    TEXT: Up to 600 characters written by robots
    ADDRESS: "Handwritten" by robots on envelope
    ENVELOPE: 100g/m², half-matt white with black border
Price per document*:
* price incl. volume discount, stationery, German post stamps, shipment and VAT (19%).

Sending beautiful authentic handwritten letters, compliment cards or postcards has never been easier.


  • 1. Select “Single Document” to send to one person or “CAMPAIGN” if ...more than one person.

  • 2. Type in your desired message & the address details and our team of robots will get to work.

  • 3. Purchase the products

  • 4. Your message will be carefully written with pens (no printing!) before getting posted via snail mail via Deutsche Post (handover within 5 business days)


Certainly you will receive status updates along the way.   Please get in contact with us if you are evaluating a bespoke handwritten direct mail campaign with Pensaki.


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