Happy Birthday Card

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When sending a short message on a hip postcard is what you are after, you can’t go past this one. Let our Pensaki Robots write your next message. This exclusive Pensaki "Happy Birthday" postcard is 100% neutral,  i.e. on the front and back only "Happy Birthday" is printed on them. Everything else will be written for you with a rollerball pen in one of our standard handwriting styles. Below you find more details

We mail the postcard directly to the recipient within 3 working days. Information about Deutsche Post's letter delivery times can be found here.

Product Details

"The Pensaki service is great, very friendly staff, outstanding quality and order handling with an amazing success!"

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"Excellent as always! Fast processing, great support, easy handling!"

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"The Pensaki campaign was very successful with a response rate of 23% and the online service is great."

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" Pensaki handwritten letters generate 40% lead conversion rate for DIGITAL Oracle Eloqua CAMPAIGN. I like it! "

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    Text Length: Write to 430 characters incl. spacing
    Written with: ink pen
    Handwriting style: Pensaki SETH style
    Design: see pictures - 100% neutral
    Paper size: DIN L (210x105 mm)
    Paper weight: 300 g/m² card board
    Front: "Happy Birthday" print with shiny UV coating
    Envelope: - no envelopes -
    Envelope size: - no envelopes -
    Addressing: Hand written addressing
    Sender's details: - no envelopes -
Price per document*:
* price incl. volume discount, stationery, German post stamps, shipment and VAT (19%).

Never underestimate the power of a handwritten message in today's digital world. Handwriting is here to stay for all those cases when you want or must to standout.

Standing out from the crowd by expressing appreciation with authentic handwritten notes generates substantial business results.  Achieving a 40% lead conversion rate on cold prospecting letters is fairly common with Pensaki. Our customers regularly achieve response rates between 20-40%, at least as long as they have considered the five key success factors of handwritten direct mail campaigns.