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Thanks to a growing flood of daily (advertising) information, people have developed very successful defense strategies, such as deleting e-mails in a split second, without even opening them. One can say that a real fight for attention has erupted. Creating attention works best through uniqueness and showing people intrinsic appreciation. Uniqueness baffles, uniqueness is respected, and uniqueness in combination with appreciation delights people. Especially concerning client acquisition and retention it is often the supposedly “little things” that lead to success. Doing something extraordinary can be crucial for the growth and success of your company. Therefore, creativity is especially important in this context, so you can stand out against the actions of your competitors. Either you manage to distinguish yourself in the flood of daily information, or you become part of the flood yourself.


That is why 58 % of the companies that think of creativity as part of their corporate strategy have a yearly sales growth of 10 %. (Adobe Creativity Divide 2014). 


"Sometimes you need to take a step back in order to move two steps forward"


Working with handwritten sales letters in the digital age is a sign of creativity, capacity for innovation – and especially of appreciation for your customers. That is why customers of Pensaki have a response rate of up to 40 % with new business contacts. Yes, these really are extraordinary results. But handwritten letters of acquisition are no sure-fire success or even the “holy grail” for sales-related success in the digital age. To reap exceptional results with handwritten cards, invitations or letters, the keys to success listed below are crucial. - First to something basic: Either you write yourself, or you let someone write for you “by hand”. Pensaki sees itself simply as your private secretary. We support you if you can't write yourself or don't want to. Something we would like to discourage you from doing is the usage of “handwriting fonts” or of a base type (“new american cursive”). In Europe, this alternatives are regarded es non-authentic. The continuous cursive is the standard in Europe. The base type has been tested in different schools in Germany since 2011 as a variant of block letters – and that is where it belongs. But please don't put it on the desk of your valued business partner.

The Pensaki checklist for very successful handwritten campaigns:


1.Relevance of content, without publicity or a plain sales pitch, but a really personal message. Keep it simple stupid/short.

2. Data quality and qualification of the recipients (relevant target group, correct form of address, postal address, etc.)

3. Authenticity of the handwriting / cursive & quality of the used stationery as an expression of appreciation

4. The sender is a person and not a company

5. Exclusivity of the "handwritten" channel, i.e. the recipient doesn't get the same message per email ...

6. Include a "Call to action" („Be our guest“, „Get in touch with me“, etc.)

7. Use real post stamps.


A handwritten mailing can be realized quickly with Pensaki. But even the prettiest handwriting will only make an impact on the recipient if the message feels right. That is why you should invest enough time and work on the form and content of your text. Avoid strung-together phrases and don't annoy your reader with PR sayings. The handwritten mailing by Pensaki offers a unique chance: The external shape draws the attention of the reader. Rely on the KISS formula (Keep it short & Simple) – short sentences, relevant content and addressing the reader personally shows your appreciation of the other person. Present a clear “Call to action” (“Be my guest.”, “Get in touch with me.”, “Support me with...”), show that you are grateful or show your appreciation (“It was nice meeting you.”, “I'm looking forward to our project.”) or congratulate sincerely.


Furthermore, there a lot more factors that can raise your chances for success. We'll gladly advise you on this, so your Pensaki mailing can be a tremendous success as well.



Please take a look at a selection of our stories of success. There are a lot more achievements of our clients that we sadly can't publish, because a private secretary is characterized by reliability, trustworthiness and incomparable discretion.


Handwritten letters aren't only romantic but also very effective


40% response rate (B2B webinar invitation)

Scenario: B2B webinar invitation
What: Neutral Pensaki Premium Letters
Results: 40 % response rate (“cold” list)
Source: DIGITAL Oracle Eloqua CAMPAIGN.


30% response rate (cold) B2B sales letters

Scenario: B2B demand generation letters
What: Pensaki Premium Letters (A4)
Results: 30% response rate on a "cold" list
Source: Wer besondere Resultate möchte, muss außergewöhnliche Dinge tun.


10% response rate (cold exhibition invite)

Scenario: B2B invite to B2B exhibition
What: Pensaki Premium Letters (A4)
Results: 10% response rate on a cold list (net new contacts)
Source:: Return of the Jedi - äh - Direktmail! - Guerrilla Marketing Group



Handwriting & customer loyalty: a perfect couple!


eCommerce: 33% less returns thanks to "handwritten" thank you notes!

Use Case: A B2C eCommerce vendor sends thank you notes to his premium customers to express gratitude (post purchase)
What: An ecommerce retailer reduced online returns by sending handwritten thank you notes to its customers.
  • Returns: - 33%
  • Revenue: + US$ 16 per month per customer
Source: A Handwritten Card, Signed and Sealed by the Latest Technology - The New York Times


eCommerce: 12% reactivation of dormant/lapsed customers

Scenario: eCommerce company send "handwritten" postcards with special coupon codes
What: handwritten DIN Long postcards with postcard
Results: 12% conversion rate 


 Financial services: 90% response rate 


Danish mortgage bank BRF-kredit succesfully engaged with previousyl unreachable customers/debtors by replacing the traditional window envelope with one where the customer’s name and address is written in an employee’s handwriting and the BRF-logo is not displayed.

What: Neutral envelopes, hand addressed, post stamps, instead of standard grey envelopes
Results: 90% response rate
Source: Hypothekenbank BRFkredit 


Louis Vuitton shop sends handwritten birthday cards

Scenario: Customers get handwritten non-commercial birthday wishes  
What: A simple handwritten birthday card
Results: simply priceless
Source: Louis Vuitton - Handschriftliche Geburtstagskarten als Ausdruck der Wertschätzung



"Bereits die Standardschrift auf dem Umschlag wirkt so realistisch, dass ich keinen Moment den Verdacht gehabt hätte, der Brief könnte aus dem “Uncanny Valley” der Robots und Avatare stammen" 
— Ansgar Warner (@e_book_news) 24. März 2015


"Possibly the coolest #marketing service I've seen... On demand, handwritten, direct mail via @PensakiTweets" 
— Charlie Hutton (@Charliehutton) September 25, 2015



"Good old handwriting boosts leads for DIGITAL Oracle Eloqua CAMPAIGN. Lead conversion rate of around 40%. Like it."
— Michaela Seika (@michaela_seika) 22. Juni 2016



"Tatsächlich vermittelt die Originalschrift Echtheit: Schaut man ganz genau hin, sieht man die unregelmäßig verteilte Tinte, den minimalen Abdruck des Füllers im Papier…"
— brand eins (@brandeins) 03/2015