General Shipping information



1. How does it work?

Currently all handwritten documents are prepared and posted in Germany.

Option 1: In the case of our standard products (see our shop) all "handwritten" documents will be handed over to Deutsche Post latest within 5 business days for global shipment, i.e. all letters will be (snail) mailed like all other mail. 

Option 2: All tailor-made enterprise "handwritten" direct mail projects will be delivered along the individually agreed-up on delivery times, i.e. 

→ also sent via Deutsche Post, or

→ shipped globally via UPS©, DHL©, DPD© or special couriers.





2. When will the recipients receive the handwritten letters?


According to publicly available information Deutsche Post AG expects the following delivery times for letters, cards and postcards (see table). Within Germany Deutsche Post states that 95% of all letters are delivered the first consecutive business day (sender and receiver reside in Germany.



This table depicts non-binding information from German mail operator Deutsche Post AG.


Average effective*
 mail delivery times:

Austria 2,1
France 2,1
Germany 1,1
Italy 2,2
Israel 6-10
United Kingdom 2,1
Switzerland 2,1
U.S.A. 2,4



* business days (provided by Deutsche Post AG) In the case of deliveries to Islands or to rural areas or other external factors the delivery time can exceed these estimated values. More information can be found here. (German language only)