How To Order | Pensaki.com

Pensaki is an online service, i.e. all orders will be processed 100% online. Please don’t send any data by email.


STEP 1: Sign in 

Please always use the same email address and your password to sign in into your account. When you are signed in you your texts will be saved as drafts and you can save your own text templates. 


STEP 2: Select your product 

If you’d like to send less than 500 letters or cards with Pensaki, you will find all available „handwritten“ PENSAKI letters and cards in our online store. These documents are pre-configured for you, including besoke paper, and will be written for you by robots with a fountain pen or rollerball. Within 3 – 5 business days we will mail your letters globally via Deutsche Post (snail mail).

In the case of tailor-made „handwritten“ direct mailings (500+ units) you’ll receive a personal URL to your product.

  • → Please select "1 document", if you’d only like to send one single letter to one single recipient.
  • → Please select "bulk letter", if you’d like to send the same message to different recipients.  

You’ll find the prices of the all standard Pensaki "handwritten" letters within the pricing section, including bulk discounts. These prices are including

  • → 19 % German VAT
  • → bespoke paper and envelopes (excl. postcards) 
  • → post stamps of Deutsche Post
  • → global (snail mail) shipping

In case of tailor-made “handwritten“ direct mail campaigns, the terms and delivery times agreed upon apply.  


STEP 3: Type your message 

In case of several recipients, you’ll either be able to enter them conveniently online, incl. address validation, or you can conveniently import the data.  


STEP 4: Data preparation & import 

Preparation and Import of data (postal addresses, salutation lines and other personalization segments). In the case of a handwritten direct mail campaign you can easily import all data with a provided XLS template.  


STEP 5: Verify & Order

Here you’ll still have the opportunity to correct any mistakes. Please also use the preview including the possibility to download your document as readable PDF version. The appearance of the final result can always be seen in our showroom.

Please select your payment method now: 

  • → credit card
  • → PayPal or
  • → bank transfer (starting from €200).

If you are a new customer, please enter your billing address. Of course we will inform you on all further steps via email, inluding a note at the time of shipping.

All standard letters will be handed over to Deutsche Post for global snail mail delivery latest within 5 business days. In case of tailor-made handwritten direct mail campaigns the terms and delivery time will be agreed upon individually.