"Marketing is a contest for people's attention." Seth Godin

Pensaki® Value Proposition

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Getting attention is a huge challenge today.

  •  - the average human attention span dropped on average by 33% to 8 seconds. 

  •  - 92% of C-Level executives and decision makers never respond to email blasts or cold-call

  •  - On average only 3,15% of email recipients click on a provided link (unique click rate).

Content is king. Context is queen. 

Surely, the content in the context of a specific situation is all that matters when you communicate with someone. Let's assume that the sender has done all the necessary home work, i.e. he is writing something meaningful to someone he knows or at least has qualified extensively. Nobody wants to waste people's time with something meaningless. At least not smart people.

Buyers have gotten very smart thanks to the internet and mostly know exactly what they are interested in. This is true for consumer "buyers" as well as corporate "B2B buyers". So now its about how to make sure that your meaningful content will be perceived by the recipient of the message. How can you trigger a brain reaction where your content gets for a short period of time the maximum attention? And this is exactly where things are getting difficult, especially when you want to make an introduction to someone in order to qualify her/his interest in what you are offering.

Let's face it. Standing out is nowadays not easy at all. In the 80s sending a fax could have caused maximum attention. In the 90s sending a receiving an email and in the current decade people have actually a problem managing the tremendous amount of messages they are confronted with, 24 hours a day. Nobody cares about your "incremental" message as long as your not somebody important to the recipient. Considering research in the field of psychology and some recent success stories (see our blog), we at Pensaki@ came to believe that there is actually a very traditional approach of communication that can help your message to stand out. The exclusivity of a handwritten message boosts response rates in a measurable way. Once again, the content has to be relevant and the message well written. Returning to communicate - in very specific cases - in handwriting could actually appear to be a very anachronistic approach to todays fast paced, hyper communicated world. May be even kind of artistic, but we at Pensaki® actually believe that it's the perfect answer for high value interactions. Your message deserves full attention. We at Pensaki help you to achieve exactly this goal.

Ask yourself, how many of your prospects or customers are providing you with a feedback on your events?

Stand Out From the Crowd

Imagine how a hand-addressed envelope and note cause the recipient to take pause from her/his busy lives – only for a moment – but a very special moment. Receiving such a document automatically triggers a "chain reaction" of thoughts among most of the people.

Touching such a document is not only a haptic experience it actually triggers also pieces of your memory, even if only for a split second.

Your extremely well prepared content, concisely phrased with a tailor-made value proposition, are now ready to be perceived.

Would you be able to achieve with an email?