How does the handwriting of robots look like?

Antonio Brissa, founder of Pensaki, has the answers. Only few areas have experienced changes induced by digitalisation similar to those in communication and marketing. Emails, social media and messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Snapchat directly influence customer relations: a recent study by Adobe stated that 68 per cent of all European marketers agreed that their work has changed in the last two years more substantially than in the 50 years before. Especially challenging is personalisation. This is where Pensaki (Japanese for fountain pen) enters the game. Since 2014, Pensaki offers a way to write and send personalised, handwritten texts online – and all that robotically assisted and in large quantities. The goal: to surprise and delight the recipients. Antonio Brissa, founder and CEO of Pensaki, tells us how digital pioneers can successfully implement direct marketing campaigns, and why offline communication will remain influential despite the online hype.


The interview was originally published as Digitale Vordenker setzen auf Handschrift 2.0. Mit Roboterhilfe in the context of the C-Suite 2017 conference in Berlin.